The Love & Pets Series (Adult Romantic Comedy)

Each book in the new Love & Pets series features heroines and heroes with seriously funny love (and pet) problems. Perfect for fans of Must Love Dogs and Bridget Jones!

Love, Pugs, and Other Problems: A Love & Pets Prequel

She wanted a ring. She got a pug, instead.

Amelia doesn’t care much for her job as a legal secretary, but she’s head over heels for her boyfriend Tim and his pet pug, Doug. When Tim says he has something important to ask her, she knows the rainbow painted day she’s been dreaming of is here. Her naked ring finger is finally getting some bling.

That night, she makes Tim’s favorite meal, lights candles, and plays sure-fire mood music, but when he finally pops the question, Amelia discovers the rainbow road to her dreams may be bumpier than she expected . . . and covered in pug fur.

Read the prequel short story to the Love & Pets romantic comedy series for free! 

The Problem with Pugs: A Love & Pets Novel

New love? Or her pug?

Amelia’s boyfriend Tim broke up with her three months, thirteen days, and eleven hours ago, but at least he left her their baby, Doug the pug. Doug eats her underwear, mutilates furniture, and always poops in the middle of the sidewalk—but he only has eyes for her.

When Amelia reluctantly wades back into the dating pool, meets a new guy, and has to pay his medical bill after Doug launches a sneak attack on him, she realizes she has a problem. She’s determined to do everything she can to help her dog adjust to life without Tim, even recruiting handsome Travis, Doug’s new veterinarian, who’s willing to assist her at risk of life and limb.

But it won’t be so easy. Doug’s the only man in Amelia’s life now . . . and he isn’t about to share.

Coming March 22nd. Preorder now and fall in love with this sweet and hilarious read!