Good Stuff from Readers

Occasionally, readers send me fun things relating to my books, like pictures and videos. Here are a few. If you have pics, vids, art, or anything else you’d like to share, please send it and I’ll include it here. All videos and images used with permission of the creator.

Science and the Scourge by Kassidy R. (high school student in Montana)

Scourge and Allegory of the Cave by Darren M. (high school student in Montana)

Kaleb (below, with his brother), a fourth grade reader from New Hampshire, produced this fine illustration of a scene from The Scourge. Later he made a board game based on The Defiance. I even had the chance to play it with Kaleb and his family when they visited Denver! Totally fun. Fenn and Peree never looked so good.

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