The Brilliant Darkness Series

The Scourge (Book One)

Library Journal SELF-e Selection & Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist 

Seventeen-year-old Groundling, Fennel, is Sightless. She’s never been able to see her lush forest home, but she knows its secrets. She knows how the shadows shift when she passes under a canopy of trees. She knows how to hide in the cool, damp caves when the Scourge comes. She knows how devious and arrogant the Groundlings’ tree-dwelling neighbors, the Lofties, can be. And she’s always known this day would come—the day she faces the Scourge alone.

A tale of star-crossed lovers, strange creatures, and secretive, feuding factions, The Scourge introduces readers to a rich and exciting new world where nothing is as it seems. Perfect for fans of the Divergent and Hunger Games series.

“One of the Best Books I’ve Ever Read! . . . Buy it, borrow it . . . whatever, just read this book!”  ★★★★★

The Defiance (Book Two)

It hasn’t been long since Fennel, a Sightless Groundling, and Peree, her Lofty Keeper, fell in love and learned the truth: the Scourge, and their world, are not what they seem.

Fenn and Peree are determined to guide their people to the protected village of Koolkuna, but first they must convince them that everything they believe is a lie. An impossible task, especially when someone seems hell-bent on trying anything—even animal sacrifice and arson—to destroy the couple’s new bond and crush the frail truce between the Groundlings and the Lofties. Not everyone wants to uproot their lives in the forest, and those who stay behind will be left terribly vulnerable.

Fenn and Peree’s resolve to be together, and the constant threat of the Scourge’s return, push both groups to the breaking point. Unable to tell friend from foe, Fenn must again decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to ensure the future of the people of the forest.

Only this time, the price of peace may be too high to bear.

“Fans of THE SCOURGE, you will not be disappointed with this sequel. THE DEFIANCE was thrilling, romantic, and full of surprises. Loved this book!”  ★★★★★

The Fire Sisters (Book Three)

Fennel and Peree are finally together and safe from the Scourge in the protected village of Koolkuna. But, on the day of their partnering ceremony, the children of the village are stolen away—Fenn’s loyal companion, Kora, among them.

Fenn wants to bring the children home, especially as the villagers seem to blame Peree and her for the tragedy. Only, since the death of her own family, she’s terrified that a wrong move on her part will lead to the loss of others she loves.

Despite her apprehension, Fenn and Peree join a small search party led by rival Kaiya, the one person who stands a chance of finding the children thanks to her mysterious past. As they travel away from the safe waters of Koolkuna and into the Scourge-infested wilds, Fenn endures Kai’s scorn, her subtle designs on Peree, and the squabbling of the group. But nothing in her life so far has prepared her for the fierce warrior women who will steal others’ children to preserve their own existence—the Fire Sisters.

If Fenn is to survive the threat of the Scourge, rescue the children from the Sisters, and have a hope of making a life with Peree in Koolkuna, she must face her fear of failure and loss and become the leader she’s destined to be.

“Wow! What an ending to a fabulous series! . . . I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next! . . . The Fire Sisters brings us excitement, love, doubt, danger and so much more!”  ★★★★★

The Keeper: A Brilliant Darkness Story

Peree knows what he’s doing as the new Keeper of the Water Bearer, Fennel. He knows Fennel’s Sightless. He knows that means the Scourge can’t hurt her while she gathers fresh water for her people. He knows how to wield his bow and arrow to take out the revolting flesh-eaters when they swarm around her. He’ll motivate her, distract her, do anything he can to keep her working. And most important, he’ll make sure his people get every drop of their share of the water she collects. Peree knows his duty is to his people and his people alone, and not to the Water Bearer.

What he doesn’t know is that he’s falling in love with her.

“This is a five-star, truly great book. Henley paints beautiful pictures with her words from the first page.”  ★★★★★

The Gatherer: A Brilliant Darkness Story

Alev is proud to be a Fire Sister, one of a fierce group of women who live on their own terms in a flaming mountain compound called the Cloister. The Sisters live without men, so Alev Gathers young girls to replenish their numbers.

After she plucks young Kaiya from the remote village of Koolkuna, the girl’s father follows them into the wilderness. Alev keeps him at bay, but over time she suspects that this man, at least, isn’t the monster she was taught all men are.
When Kaiya’s father manages to reach the Cloister, the Sisters want to put him to death. Alev can look the other way, or she can heed the growing whispers of her heart to help the girl and her father escape. But to defy the Fire Sisters is to revoke the only life and family Alev has ever known—and to face certain death herself.

“Beautiful writing, descriptive scenes, strong characters! I felt like I was right there with Alev and Kaiya! Can’t wait for book 3!!!”  ★★★★★

The Brilliant Darkness Boxed Set

Get the entire Brilliant Darkness series in a convenient e-book boxed set for less than purchasing each title individually. Find out why reviewers describe the series as “captivating” and “my new favorite.”


172 Replies to “The Brilliant Darkness Series”

  1. I absolutely loved The Scourge. I read it all in one day, simply because I couldn’t stop reading! I definitely felt a connection to the characters from the start. I immediately fell in love with Peree. So many emotions are found in the pages of this book: humor, fear, sadness, hope. Nothing in the book was one-dimensional. Throughout the entire book I kept thinking, “This is too good. I really hope that this story continues on to a series.” I am anxiously awaiting the sequel to The Scourge. It will most assuredly be a pre-order.

    1. Thank you very much, Kay! I’m so glad you enjoyed it (and that you love Peree. Me too : ) I am working on the sequel, and will of course give plenty of notice when it is ready to be released. Thank you for your review on Amazon, as well. It’s readers like you that keep me happily typing away at my computer, spinning more stories!

      1. No release date yet, but I promise I’m working hard on it. I’ll be sure to post it everywhere when a release date is set. Thanks for checking in!

      2. I love these books a lot they are some of my favorites which is saying something because I read a lot which my family would probably say is an understatement so thanks for writing wonderful books and continuing to write them

      3. I’m so flattered to hear that my books are favorites of yours, especially as a prolific reader! Thank you, Megan. I hope you’ll enjoy the The Fire Sisters when it comes out. I’m working, I’m working (well, not at this moment, but back to it shortly.) Thanks again for stopping by, Megan.

    2. Wonderful and adventurous book I could not put down! you inspire me so much and keep me tuned for when book #3 comes out!!!

  2. Wow! What a brilliantly written story! The characters were well rounded, the settings described perfectly, Fenn’s blindness, well, I can just say wow again (as I’m NOT a writer..) Thank you for this brilliant story. I bought the book on my Kindle, and am anxiously awaiting the next one. I will post my review on Amazon soon, as this is a must-read for all ages.

    1. Thank you sooo much, Lelanie! I really appreciate your feedback, and I’m so glad you’d like to keep reading about Fenn, Peree and company. Thank you also for posting a review on Amazon! Keep in touch –

  3. I am thrilled to hear that there will be a sequel to The Scourge! I also found myself completely enamored with Peree right from the start. You know you are doing a good job when you have readers wishing they were the girl surrounded by monsters ;-). Happy writing.


    1. Thanks, Cathy! I’m wickedly delighted when I make readers lose precious sleep : ) I’m very glad you enjoyed it – thank you for letting me know. I’ll be in touch about the sequel release.

  4. So your book was so good it saved my life…literally! I am currently a student studying in the Middle East. I’d somehow left my gas stove on a little so it was slowly filling my apartment with gas. I had meant to go to bed early, but I got started on your book earlier, and could not put it down. By 2 am, I was done, but had a killer headache. I went out to the kitchen and hadn’t noticed the gas until it about knocked me over. Had I just been able to sleep, I might not have woke up this morning. So, your awesome story kept me awake, and alive. I have three kids and a husband back home that I need to get home to. Can’t wait to read the next book (without the life threatening circumstance; the story was exciting enough.)

    1. Wow, Monica, I’m so glad you’re okay! That could have been extremely dangerous. I like to put my characters through life threatening circumstances, but certainly not my readers. Thanks for sharing your story – and please be safe!

  5. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the book. It is one of many that I’ve gotten on my kindle recently and it, unlike others, I wasn’t able to put down until I finished it. I was so intrigued by the story that I talked my husband’s ear off about it for what seemed like 2 days straight.

    I can’t wait until the sequel and to see what happens next. I love Fennel so much and her strugles brought tears to my eyes at times. I also felt as if I fell in love with Peree with her. Amazing characters, terrific story. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Your comment brought a big smile to my face, Siobhan. I’m always really excited to hear that readers enjoyed my characters as well as the story. They are near and dear to my heart, so it’s like getting compliments on my children 🙂 Thank you for reading and stopping by!

  6. I loved your book and can’t wait for more of the story! It also spoke to my heart on the nature of family, society and our future survival. I am not a YA, but, I throughly enjoyed this novel. Your descriptions were so vivid I kept running the scenes through my mind. I could easily see your stories as a future Hollywood project.

  7. The only thing that I don’t like about your book is that ow I have to wait for the sequel! It was a great read- one that leaves you thinking about the plot and characters days after you read it. I enjoyed your characters and the warmth they fond in one another. I will definitely have the sequel on my waiting list. Thank you.

  8. For a second, I thought that Peree had turned into a Runa after the Reckoning when Fennel seemed to notice his behavior change after they reunited. Happy for a happy ending! I am very much looking forward to the 2nd book!

  9. Great book! It kept me up late reading because I just could not put it down. I know that some of my students would just devour it too. I wanted to by a copy for my classroom library but can only find a Kindle version. Is there a print copy available?

    1. Hi, Karisa! I’m sorry for the delay in responding, I didn’t get a notification that you’d left a comment. Unfortunately the book is not in print yet, for various reasons. It will be, and I will be sure to announce it here on my website, FB, and Twitter, when it is available. Please consider signing up here on my website for the sequel notification – I’ll also use that list to communicate this kind of news. Thank you so much for reading The Scourge, and for wanting to share it with your students!!

  10. As you already know this was a pleasant surprise. I knew from the summary that this was my kind of book but was leery of reading from the point of view of a blind girl. Not only did I love it from Fennel’s PoV, I couldn’t image this story being told from any of the other characters.

    I wish you the best success with this title and I can NOT wait for the sequel! That surprises me greatly because your book didn’t end on a cliffhanger or with very many unanswered questions. I just loved Fennel and Peree and the supporting characters that much that I want to be with them again!

    It will be a long time before I stop thinking about this book. Thanks for being awesome.

    1. I’m thrilled that you liked the book so much, Jess, and that you’re looking forward to Book 2! Thank you for the great review/comments, and for spreading the word through Twitter and your blog. It makes my day (week/year …) : )

    1. Thank you so much, Helen! And thanks for stopping by to let me know. I’ll answer your questions here, as best I can at this point. First, the sequel is going great! It’s written, and being edited, and I’m hoping for a March/April release (could be sooner, could be later – still a few things up in the air.) I’m not sure yet if it will be a trilogy. I think the answer is yes. That’s how I’ve written the ending to book 2. But this also depends on the things that are up in the air. I hate to be so vague and stupidly mysterious, but I don’t have enough information to say anything else right now! What do you think, would you want to read a Book 3, or does that depend on the sequel? : )

      1. I’d love to read a trilogy of yours. I really liked your theme of the lofties and groundlings uneasy relationship based on need and Fenn and Perree being able to let go of prejudices ad finding love. I do have a question, though.nperree originally told Fenn that he had an intended-,was that his hope for Fenn or someone else? Not that I have any right to make a suggestion, but I’m very tired of Iove triangles;)

      2. Thanks for your thoughts, Helen! The plot of Book 2 deals with the themes you mentioned. And to answer your question, Peree was indeed thinking of Fenn when he said that, although perhaps I didn’t make it clear later once they were communicating more openly (sometimes I have to go back and look at what I wrote. I can’t always remember : ) I understand love-triangle fatigue. You aren’t alone there! I still like them in some books, but I am avoiding them for now. It’s more interesting to me to see if Fenn and Peree can overcome the number of obstacles they already have. Bear does feature in the second book, though, so there are some feelings of unrequited love. It’s not always easy to write two characters trying to remain friends, and not fall off the edge into love triangle. I’m glad you’d be interested in a trilogy!

      3. Thanks for your response. I do believe the challenges facing Perree and Fenn are significant, especially, as she realizes her unique status in her community may diminish and dealing with bitterness regarding her sightless status – also the prejudices from others they face are tremendous. They are both young, so it will be interesting to see them mature in their difficulties. Can’t wait. Keep writing!

  11. A.G. I am so happy to hear you are working hard towards getting book 2 ready. I loved The Scourge and I honestly can’t wait for book 2. I am looking forward to see what unravels now that their the wall of ignorance was dismantled. As far as love triangle, it is always fun to read those as long as the feelings of those involved are handled with care. Peree is a favorite of mine so please treat him well 🙂 Looking forward to more news!

    1. That’s a good point, Maggie. When I think about it, the love triangles I like are the ones where I really get to know and care about all three (or more) characters, so that I want to see them all happy, even the bad boys/girls. It doesn’t work when one character is less well developed, or much less likeable than the others. Anyway, I promise Fenn will look after Peree, and vice versa : )

  12. I absolutely loved your book. Your main character and story was so unique. I bought the ebook and it’s still listed as “New” in my Kindle Fire. It says that because I only opened it once. Yup. I started reading, could not put it down, and read it in one sitting. I’m sure you get tired of hearing this, but you’re amazing. You have a fantastic imagination and are a great storyteller. I eagerly await for your next book, whether it be a sequel to “The Scourge” or something completely new. Please consider me as yet another loyal fan and add me to that long list of followers. Hahaha!

    1. Oh, Ray, how could I get tired of hearing such lovely compliments? In fact, I reread your comment multiple times! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and are looking forward to the sequel. Please stay in touch –

  13. Wow! What a great spin on the zombie book movement. I am the assistant librarian at a high school library and have a told all of our frequent flyers about your book. I cannot wait until it comes out in print so I can put it on our shelves!

    1. I can’t wait either, Sarah! Thank you very much for telling your students about the book. I know it would be a lot easier for them to read if it was in print, but hopefully some have e-readers. I will keep you posted on the progress of print copies –

  14. I am so impressed with this book. It is so different from every other post apocalyptic novel I have ever read. The love story is fresh and sweet. I am still in awe that this world was so beautifully painted from a blind girls perspective. Bravo. Looking forward to the next book and eventually the movie!!!!:)

    1. Hi Kaci! Thank you for stopping by. I’m really glad you enjoyed the book, and I so appreciate your comments about my writing. I’m looking forward to the movie, too, even if it is just a dream at this point : ) I had the “movie” playing in my mind for 1.5 years while I wrote the book, so I could tell ’em exactly how it should look. Probably a lot easier said than done, I suspect. Anyway, thanks for the vote of confidence!

  15. I am dying to read The Scourge but I can only find it on kindle which I don’t have. Is there another place you know of that has the ebook for iPad or nook??

    1. Hi Valory – thank you for coming by to ask your question (I’m so happy you’d like to read it so much)! I’m sorry, but the book is only available for Kindle/Kindle apps right now, as it is enrolled in KDP Select through Amazon. That said, if you have an iPad, you can download the FREE Kindle app, then buy the book through the app. If you go to the app store on the iPad and search for Kindle, it should pop right up for you to download. Then go to Amazon’s website on the internet (while on the iPad, or on your computer) and you should be able to buy it and it will send it to your Kindle app. Here is Amazon’s website that hopefully will explain how to do it better than I just did:

      If you have any trouble at all, please email me through my site and I’ll be happy to problem solve. I will be sure you get the book in your hands!

  16. I’m only a few chapters into The Scourge and I’ve already sent it as an Amazon Kindle gift to several people! Your characters captured my imagination immediately. I’m loving the book and so looking forward to the sequel coming out. Incidentally, I’m 56 years old — proof that this book is not just for young adults!

    1. I’m really glad you are enjoying it so much, Cindy! Thank you for sharing it with friends and family – that is the greatest compliment. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. Please stay in touch.

  17. This book is absolutely amazing! One of the best books that I’ve read. Your characters are amazing and totally believable (well…. if we lived in a post-apocalyptic world, that is). I read the entire book in one day as well….. Except, it was more like a couple hours. I was only able to tear myself away a few times, with some difficulty. Thank you for a very cute, action-filled, humor-tinged book 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Maddi. I love it when people can’t put the book down – hopefully it means I’m doing my job as a storyteller. Stay tuned for Book 2! Just took a break from editing to respond to your comment : )

  18. Where to start!? Well first off I was completely enamored by this book. I don’t really consider myself a crier but your characters were so vividly created that I immediately connected them with people close to me. Peree was and is my boyfriend to a T. As Peree was dying in the caves I had a complete and total breakdown. I had to call my boyfriend to tell him he wasn’t allowed to die while I was trying not to choke on my own tears. At the beginning I was wondering how a book could be well written when the main character was missing one of her most descriptive senses but you pulled it off. Congrats and I anxiously await your next fantastic and ingenious work!

    1. I’m so glad the book had so much meaning for you, Katy, and I’m happy that you connected with the characters. If you have a boyfriend like Peree, you are lucky. Hang on to him! : ) Thanks for the kind words – book 2 is on it’s way.

  19. sooooo…of course I googled your name after reading The Scourge. Of course I’ve found this blog…of course I liked your Facebook page and AS SOON as I remember my Twitter password..of course I’ll follow you! I’m in love with Peree and Bear! I’m 36 years old, so I know a future with either one is not possible **big sigh**.

    Waiting for the sequel with great anticipation!

    1. Hi Ty – thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed the book, and thank you for your support on FB and Twitter! You DO have a future with Peree and Bear – the sequel should be ready in the next few months : ) Can’t wait to share it with you.

  20. What a beautiful book! I am so glad to have stumbled upon it. Its been a long while since I left a book feeling completely satisfied. I am counting the days till the next one. Cant wait to find out what happens to your wonderful and inspiring characters.

  21. Yes … Yes … Yes!! There’s going to be a “book 2”! I recently lost my 59 year old Dad to cancer so finding books that ‘take me away’ have been a necessity in my road to recovery. Whiiiiich has been blocking by reading. 🙂 It was definitely one of those books that held my interest from page 1 all the way to the end where I then immediately checked to see if there was another book to follow; I have to know how you weave the different groups and factions from within, together. Looking forward to your next book and I wish you well in all of your literary endeavors.

    1. I’m very sorry for your loss, Jennifer. I understand the need to escape into books, and I’m glad The Scourge helped you do that. Thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed the book, and for your well wishes. I wish you all the best, too, as you grieve for your Dad.

  22. I absolutely adored this book and I really want to read more of Fenner and Peree`s love ans their world. there must be a book two!

    1. I’m happy to say that there is a book 2 already . . . just not released yet. I’m working on it! I’m so glad you enjoyed Book 1, and thank you for stopping by to tell me so.

  23. A.G.,
    I just finished book one and how amazing it truly was! I loved every minute of it and cannot wait for the sequel! I love Peree and Fenn (but mostly Peree). Thank you for writing! I think you are an amazing storyteller with lots of good things to say! I love how you added in the stories about the first fish, the camels, tigers and so on. Very creative! Like another post said, please treat Peree well! He’s most girls dream guy! Can’t wait to read book two and hopefully more by you to come! 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by! I’m really glad you enjoyed Book 1! I promise to take care of Peree for you, and to deliver a new story as soon as possible.

  24. What an amazing book! I was really taken aback by the lovely imagery and soothing narration in a post apocalyptic fiction novel! I loved it! It was everything I wanted and more! I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful story – and I can’t wait for the sequel!

    1. You are very welcome, Rebecca. Thank you for stopping by to let me know that you enjoyed the book. I really appreciate hearing from readers like you! Please consider signing up on my website here to be part of the sequel notification list, if you haven’t already. I don’t send many emails, usually just really important news and the occasional Amazon gift card giveaway : ) Thanks again for your kind words!

  25. I absolutely loved this book and read it in one day. I think I will be reading it again later this week! It was a wonderful and refreshing play on the zombie apocalypse theme, a terrific love story and detailed plot that had me anxious to turn the page. I am thrilled for the release of the second book this year! I can absolutely picture this as a Hollywood blockbuster.

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed Book 1, Sarah, and took the time to stop by and tell me so! And I really hope you are a psychic, so your picture of the book becoming a Hollywood blockbuster would come to pass : ) Please consider signing up on my website to be notified when the sequel is released if you haven’t already!

  26. I just stayed up wayyy too late and read book 1 in the last few hours. then of course searched for book two only to discover I have to wait. I will be tired tomorrow but definetly worth staying up to read.
    I cant wait for book 2 !!

    1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love being the cause of someone staying up too late reading (although I’m sorry if you’re tired today!) I’m so glad you enjoyed Book 1, and are looking forward to Book 2! Stay tuned …

      1. I am absolutly OBSESSED with this book series!! It’s so good I’ve read it at least 20 times (not even exaggerating) I am soo exited for the 3rd book to come out. I think that the first two books as well as the book written in Peree’s perspective are very well written. I find it fascinating how you wrote these books in the perspective of a blind person. The description of how Fennel sees things is amazing. Anyways your books are amazing and I can’t wait for The Fire Sisters!

      2. Ack! I never got notice of your comment, Olivia – I’m so sorry I’m just now responding to your kind note. Thank you SO much for reading (and re-reading) my books. I’m thrilled you enjoyed them that much. I have a few I’ve re-read that many times, too, so I know the devotion it takes to come back to a book again. I can’t wait to release The Fire Sisters and see what you think. I promise it’s on the way! Thanks again, and happy New Year to you.

  27. I really enjoyed this book! It had the dystopian feel to it but it was still different. Big surprises at the end with fennels sight and her parents but i enjoyed finding them out!
    Very well written, ill definitely be buying the paper copy when its available!
    Cant wait for book two!!

    1. Thank you, Charlotte! Print copies should be available in 2013 – I will announce on my website and send an email to those on the notification list, so if you haven’t already, please sign up. I’m very pleased you enjoyed it!

  28. Hi Ms. Henley! I read “The Scourge” sometime last month and just fell in love with it–especially the incredibly realistic romance between Fenn and Peree! As a hopeless romantic, I just swoon for these romances that I read in books, and I just remember falling head over heels for the relationship between your two characters. (: I’ve written a review about “The Scourge” on my book review blog ( –TADA!–just in case you wanna see more of my fangirl rambling. I’m just so excited for the sequel as well!!

    1. Hi Yoon-Ji! I’m SO sorry I did not include your excellent blog in my post this week! I did see your review last month during the blog tour, I just completely missed it in my recap. Your blog is excellent – professional looking and well-written reviews. (Bonus points for only being seventeen – go girl! Some college is going to be lucky to have you soon.) I have added your blog to the list in my post, and gave it stars for good measure. Thanks for your comment here and for the reminder. I’m glad you’re looking forward to the sequel!

  29. Thank you for writing such an amazing book! I read it in one day! I loved everything about it! I look forward to book 2 and will try to patiently wait for it to come out. Thank you again for such a great read!

  30. I was absolutly addicted within five minutes. it was “i am legend” meets “the village”. ive recommended it to all my friends. beautifully written!!!! a wonderful theme of how true love is a treacherous road but the ones brave enough to take it, always win in the end. i felt every emotion possible. Excellent book! i just cant wait for the second!!! 🙂 thank you soo much ms. henley for this flawless read!!!

  31. I am a teacher and our school has time set aside during our home rooms to Drop Everything & Read. Your book has cause considerable concern for my mental state from my students. When I giggle, talk back, sigh or generally talk to my books they know I’ve gotten a good one. I always laugh and say that if you are not reading a book worthy of talking to it – put it down & move on. Thank you for a great work.

    1. Hi April – your comment made me laugh! I talk to books I read, too. And I talk to my books as I’m writing them : ) Thank you for all the great work you do as an educator!

  32. What a wonderful book. I could not put it down, longed to know how it would end but wanting it to never end, WOW. Beautiful, haunting….just perfect. Thank you!

  33. I read it in a day. And again, in a night. This is my third time reading it after having bought it when it first came out. Lol
    I’m so looking forward to the sequel!

    1. I have a secret, Chelsea. I reread my favorite books all the time. Same with my fav shows (damn you, Netflix, for picking up Buffy the Vampire Slayer – but please don’t get rid of it!) Yeah, I can be sort of obsessive about it. So it means a lot to me that The Scourge warranted a second and third reading from you. Thank you for letting me know.

  34. Just read the Scourge today. I loved it! Read it all in one day. Was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I am so excited for the next book.

  35. Your book was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I cannot get over how amazing and creative it was. I’ve often found myself dreaming in a place very similar to Koolkuna!! This book has captured the entirety of my mind for months!! 🙂 I cannot WAIT for book 2!!! How many books will be in this series?

    1. Thank you very much, Jessica. I’m thrilled you loved Book 1 that much. Book 2 is coming along, I promise. Right now I have 3-4 books in mind for the series (total). Book 3 is outlined, but I also have another project I’d like to start on when I finish editing Book 2. I sure wish I would settle on some names so I don’t have to refer to the books as numbers : ) Stay tuned!

  36. I am sooo excited for the next book!!! I love Peree and Fenn I also love the fact that she is blind!!! It is one of the best books i have ever read and I have read MANY!!

  37. I LOVED this book! I cannot wait for the second one to come out! This book is among one of my top 5! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!

    1. Thank you so much, Bunny! I’m glad you loved it, and you’re very welcome. If you are interested in Book 2, please keep an eye on my blog, Facebook page or Twitter, or sign up to be included in emailed release news when the time comes. You can do that here on my blog, on the left-hand side. Thanks again –

  38. This book was very good! I read it in the space of one night (I just couldn’t put it down!) I was genuinely disappointed when I couldn’t find a sequel! I’ll definitely be ordering it when it comes out! It’s pretty hard to make a book where you become attached to the characters that quickly.

    1. Thank you, Lindsey! I love when people connect with my characters in that way, and then take the time to tell me about it. I’m sorry the sequel is not available yet, but I promise it is on its way.

  39. Hello, I may be a bit behind here but I just finished The Scourge and it was wonderful! I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for book two! Fennel was put on my favorite characters list almost immediately – she’s amazing. I wish you all the writing success and can’t wait to see what comes next 🙂

    1. Hi Emily – you aren’t behind! I’m really happy you enjoyed the book, and are looking forward to Book 2. And I’m always excited when people love my characters as much as I do – it’s gratifying that Fenn is one of your favorites. Thanks for the well wishes, and stayed tune –

  40. Amazing well crafted novel. You had me gripped from the first few pages. A clear plot, endearing characters, and a twist I didn’t see coming! I can’t wait for the second book!

  41. I am thrilled that you are writing a second book to the Scourge. I completely fell in love with Fennel and Peree. I bought this book a while ago, but just now had time to read it. I am totally kicking myself for not reading it when I purchased it. What was I thinking? This book was wonderful, beautifully written.

  42. The Scourge was one of the best books I have ever read. It was full of humor, romance, and characters you immeditely had a connection to. When thos book is available in a printed version, it will be a big hit, perhaps there will even be a movie made after it. I’m looking forward to the release of your second book. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much, McKenzie! What wonderful praise. I’m so happy you enjoyed the book and see a big future for it – I hope you have special predictive powers : ) …

  43. This book is a true diamond in the rough! I was searching for something different and new to read, and Amazon suggested this for me. The best .99 cents I’ve ever spent. As everyone else has said, I loved the main characters, and the story idea. In this day and age, it seems as if you can’t have a good book as a stand alone, and I am very pleased to see that there will be a sequel,

    1. Thank you so much, Tiana! The sequel is coming – and I’m glad you’ll be there to read it. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts, too.

  44. Loved loved LOVED this book! I was competely entranced from the first page and as soon as I finished had to do some research to find out if there was a sequel. I am so excited to learn there is one on the way soon, and another book or two after that! I agree with the poster above who thinks a movie should be made – I would be thrilled to see it! For now, I will eagerly await book 2. Thank you for creating such a wonderful escape! For me, there is nothing better than disappearing into a good book – and this 100% did the trick!

    1. You’re very welcome, Carla. Thank you for stopping by, I loved hearing from you. And I’d be thrilled to see the book made into a film, too : ) Book 2 is on the way!

  45. O no, Summer 2013! I’m so sad, I wish I had more patience haha! Would love to read and review book #2 on my blog, if you’re looking for Reviewers! 🙂 Can’t wait for the Summer!

    1. Hi Hayley – I know, I wish it was summer already! I will definitely be sending out some ARCs, so I’ll be in touch, probably around late May to early June. Thanks for the offer!

  46. Loved the first book. I read it over a year ago. To be honest I didn’t realize it was Book 1. Thank you for your creative mind and providing me with a great book to read on my next international flight.

    Keep them coming.

  47. I absolutely loved book one and I stayed up all night reading it! Any idea of when book 2 is coming out? I’m so anxious 🙂

    1. I’m so glad, Clare! Hope you weren’t too tired the next day : ) I’m probably looking at a first week of August release date, although that’s not quite official. Still a few more things to work out. Thanks for your patience!

  48. Wait…will there be a third book? I really hope so. Pretty pretty please don’t let it be over so soon. All of the characters feel like they are living and breathing right next to you. If anyone asked me who my best friends were, I would say Peree and Fennel. Seriously, this book is that good. Also, do your friends call you A.G. or do they call you by your first name? Just wondering. Until I get the answer,
    Bye A.G. 🙂

    1. Hi again, McKenzie. Thanks for stopping by! Right now I do plan to write a third book in the series. I’m so glad you like the book so much. I hope you enjoy Book 2 as much as you did Book 1. And my friends call me Aimee. You can feel free to also 🙂

  49. The Scourge was such a fantastic read!!!! A nice twist on the trendy dystopian/zombie lands that have become popular! I loved the plot twists – and of course the characters! I was thrilled to get the novella about Peree! Great view!! Thanks for taking the big step to self-publish!!! I can’t wait for book 2 – and 3 if you keep the series going!!

    1. Thank you so much, Amy. I’m glad you appreciated the story and characters, and thank you for also picking up The Keeper to read. I hope you like Book 2 just as much – and yes, I’m planning to write a Book 3 this fall/winter, for release next year.

      1. Additional comment: I have talked enough about how much I loved this book that my 13 yr old son picked it up and hasn’t been able to put it down! Thanks for that window of discussion opportunities!! Fantastic that we both love something together for different reasons and have some great topics to “chat” about!! Thanks!!

      2. That is so good to hear, Amy! I can’t think of a bigger compliment than that you AND your son both love my work. And I’m glad it’s opening up areas for you to talk about. I think sometimes it’s easier to talk about issues happening to characters, and how they choose to deal with them, than making it about your child and their choices. Thanks so much for coming back to let me know about this.

  50. First, you’ve got to understand something about me. I read ALL the time. I think I’ve finished around 10 books within the last two weeks. (I swear I have a busy, fulfilling life aside from this!) This sort of reading can get expensive so I’ve had to teach myself to be okay with just grabbing whatever is cheap and semi-interesting on my Kindle. I grabbed The Scourge and started reading in the morning before work. I continued it on my breaks. I wanted to read it in my car on the way home but couldn’t figure out a way to do tht safely, so I finished it at home. That’s when I normally begin reading another random book on my Kindle. Except something strange happened… suddenly I am unable to read anything else! There’s just no interest. All I want is more Fenn. And Peree. And Kadee. And EVERYBODY. Your writing is so wonderful, your story-telling so seemless, your characters so rich, I’m going to march out and buy the hard copy to add to my “favorites” collection. And probably read it again whilst I wait for the next book. Argh. I don’t mean to rush you but, uh, please hurry? 😉

    1. What a flattering comment, Kailynn. I’m thrilled you found The Scourge so compelling, especially since you are a prolific reader. And funny you should mention print copies, because they should FINALLY be available by mid-next week. I held off creating print copies for various reasons, but now is the time. So check back on Amazon next week – they will be there for your ordering pleasure. Thank you very much for your double support on my novel. I hope you enjoy The Keeper, if you read it, and Book 2 when it is released.

  51. I came to your website looking for a publication date of the sequel, as I am now addicted to Peree and Fennel’s life. I noticed it says “young adult fiction” and at 57 I probably don’t fit that profile, but I found the book totally engaging and the characters well developed. I enjoy stories that grow out of a collapse of society, as I think there is much there that can give us a warning of where we could be heading. I like the contrast between how the social groups from the two societies formed to cope with their environment, and why they establish the norms that they do.

    I was a bit surprised that both groups had lost their written language, although if they survived for generations in smaller groups living mostly alone I suppose they would be focused on just surviving. I am very much looking forward to the next part of the story. Thanks for writing a book that did NOT turn out to be about zombies – I love the fact that they are not what they seem.

    1. My novels are young adult, in that they feature teen protagonists, but I do hope they appeal to adult audiences, too. I’m really glad you enjoyed them!

  52. You’re books about Fenn and Peree are some of the most entertaining and captivating books I’ve read. I fell in love from the start!! The characters all have such strong ties and so much depth in them, I could barely stand it to have to put the book down. I too came on this site to find out when the sequel will come out! I have already read The Scourge twice and The Keeper once. I can’t wait I’m so excited to live in their life some more! Reading that sneak peek of the first chapter to The Defiance made me sad that I couldn’t just keep on reading. You have done a great job to hook me on this beautifully written series. It is so much different than anything I’ve read. You have honestly created such a well thought out, elaborate, new and mysterious world and I just can’t wait to read more. If you ask me, I’d say you should start thinking about a fourth and fifth too…cause otherwise I might just have to keep reading them in a loop over and over 😀

    1. Thanks so much, Riley! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed The Scourge and The Keeper so much. I hope The Defiance doesn’t disappoint. You are so kind to stop by and tell me what you like about my writing. It’s really helpful to know what, specifically, appeals to people so I can keep doing those things (while also working on the things that need improvement in my writing.) I will definitely be writing a third book in the series – no promises after that. I need to see how the writing of this one goes. I have always envisioned four books total to really be able to tell Fenn’s story completely.

  53. Only 5 more days!!! Hurry up and get here, I can’t wait any longer!!! I will probably stay up all night and finish the book at 3 in the morning but it will be so worth it!!! Then I’ll go back to crazy until the 3rd book comes out!!! … and hopefully the fourth!!!

    P.S. If you can’t tell, I really love your books and the world you have created! And I beg you to please write a fourth and maybe another series because I love your writing so much and I will definitely read every book!

    1. Thanks, Brooke! I am planning to publish Book 3, The Fire Sisters, in 2014. A fourth book may be possible depending on how Book 3 goes. I’m also working on a new book unrelated to the Brilliant Darkness series, called Beyond the Mist. Looking forward to getting back to drafting it after the release of The Defiance. Thanks so much for reading!

  54. I loved the first book The Scourge. I started by reading The keeper on kindle and was amazed how well it was. Then when I say the first book a bought in 2.5 seconds to start reading and finished in 5 hours and 4 minutes. After I finished I was sad because I had to wait for the next book. EVERYONE READ THIS PART IT’S IMPORTANT. If you have a kindle you can get the second book The Defiance now it’s out for 3.99 and it is amazing. I was lucky to find this series. It has a sad ending that makes you want to read more.

    1. Thank you for reading, Matt! I’m really glad you are a fan of the series. I’m going to try my best to write and release The Fire Sisters quicker than I did The Defiance. Thanks for being patient …

  55. This is literally the first comment I have ever written. I am starting Book 2 now and I am so excited!! The first book was wonderful and came at a time when I kept reading book after book just to find that awesome feeling you get after a great story. The Scourge was perfect. It was like a really good meal where you leave the restaurant satisfied but looking forward to your next visit!! Bon Appetit!

    1. Thank you for coming by to comment, Angelica! I’m honored to be the first. I really hope you enjoy The Defiance as much as The Scourge. Thanks for reading!

  56. I am an avid reader, therefore I am always searching for new books to read and constantly re-reading! I am also VERY picky when it comes to reading. I am a sucker for a love story and happy ending. When I looked through Amazon yesterday I bought The Scourge on a whim, even though it didn’t seem my type of book. From the moment I opened it last night, I was captivated by the world you created through a blind girls eyes. The imagery was so well set and the characters so well developed. There are so many authors who omit a good setting and background for the characters, that it’s easy to forget a well written book looks like. I didn’t realize what I was missing in a book til I read The Scourge. There was so much to be consumed by other than just a love story! I’m normally able to figure out most twist to books before they happen, but this story took me by surprise so many times I couldn’t wait to see what happened next! If I could give this book and you as an author 100 stars I would! Thank you for an exciting and captivating read! Had I not neglected sleep last night to read The Scourge I would be starting the sequel right now, but I know I wouldn’t be able to put it down! Can’t wait for more to read from you!

    1. I’m sorry I kept you up past your bedtime, Hollye, but thrilled you liked The Scourge, especially when you were reluctant to pick it up in the first place. It’s was a pleasure to hear from you! Hope you enjoy The Defiance when you get a chance to read it. More to come in the next year : )

  57. Loved the series! I actually started tearing up when Fenn and Peree’s bonding ceremony didn’t happen. Those two deserve to finally be able to be together and bonded! Will you release The Fire Sisters before you release Beyond the Mist? Waiting until 2014 is going to be rough. I hope the book’s release is early in 2014!

    1. Hi Tara, thank you! I’m not sure yet which book will be published first, but I do plan to write The Fire Sisters prior to publishing Beyond the Mist. And my goal for publishing The Fire Sisters is May 2014. I’m not the quickest writer out there by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m going to work hard to get the book out within a year of having published The Defiance. I’m sorry to keep you waiting – I’ll be writing as quickly as I can!

  58. Ms Henley,
    I could go on about how much I love this series, but I’m not going to because it wouldn’t exactly do it justice and it would take away from how good the book is. So, I’m going to assume that you understand that I really love the series because I am writing this comment.
    After reading both books and the novella, I am well and truly a fan. I absolutely adore Peree and Fennel. I love that their relationship is real and not necessarily the stuff that fairy tales are made of. It makes it so much easier to connect to them. I also really appreciate the amount of time you dedicate in each book to character development. I loved the development of Bear and, to my surprise, even Moray.
    However, I will say that I really don’t like Kai…which is the point, but still. I’m not sure what it is, but she just has this way of bringing out that schoolgirl jealousy in me…which is a very hard thing to do. So that alone tells me that not only do I root for Fennel, but I really connect with her, which is never easy for me.
    Lastly, I want to thank you for the depth of the imagery. The descriptions were one of the focal points of the book, even from the perspective of a blind girl (which made it all the more great).
    I am so excited for The Fire Sisters and I can’t wait for Kai to be put in her place.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! I loved hearing which characters you enjoyed (and didn’t enjoy so much.) And I’m so glad you want to read on with The Fire Sisters. If you get a chance, and you haven’t already, please take a minute to review The Scourge and The Defiance on Amazon/Goodreads. I’d really appreciate it.

  59. OMG! I absolutely adore this series! You are a brilliant writer A.G. Henley and I cannot wait until the third book to the Brilliant Darkness Series is released! 🙂

      1. Thank you so much, Brittany! I love to hear from readers, and I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a message. And thank you especially for your recommendations – that is SO important, particularly to indie authors.

  60. I absolutely love your books!! I recommend them to everyone looking for their next great read! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on paper. I can’t wait to read what else you write for us!

  61. I read your first two books in the Scourge series a while ago, and I keep thinking about them. All writers should study psychology. 🙂 I don’t want to be a jerk and demand the next book… so I will just say that I am anxiously awaiting book number three. Wishing you well in your writing and in your life!

    1. I wish I could tell you The Fire Sisters was almost ready, but at least I can say I’m working on it! I’m so happy that the books have stuck with you enough that you’re thinking about them and look forward to the next installment. I hope it lives up to your expectations. If you’d like, you can sign up for my newsletter here on my website, and you’ll receive notice when the book is published. I only send it out when a book is ready to go, so you’ll only get 1-2 emails per year from me. Thanks again for stopping by, Jamie!

  62. Hello! Okay so I can’t say enough about your series. I first got hooked when I saw the cover, then the love story idea (what can I say I’m 17 year old gal that lives for romance ) but the number one thing that had me so extremely intrigued was that Fennel was blind! I have never read a book like that and, may I just say, you have set the standard that every other author writing about someone with a disability should aspire to meet! I LOVED IT!!!! I was reading it on my Kindle and I told everyone how hooked I was. ( I’ve recommend it to everyone) A few days later my sister looks at me while I’m reading and asks “are you still reading that book?” I reply saying “no…I’m on the second one”. I couldn’t (can’t) get enough!! Haha! I’ve already looked in like 4 to 5 places trying to find out when the next one will come out (the fire sisters), but I know one thing it’s that you don’t rush perfection. So I’m more than willing to wait as long as need be.
    The characters are so well developed, the drama is so enticing (it will draw anyone in), the relationships are heartwarming, and the love story is absolutely beautiful. Your books are inspiring, many times after a chapter I’ll just sit back and begin to believe that there is a man so amazing as Peere (or Bear) out there.
    Thank you for sharing your God given talent with the world, and for choosing to do something you love (Your extremely good at it). I will anxiously be waiting for the next installment to this truly magnificent series (and for any other books that you write!) God Bless!!

    1. Wow, Alex! What an amazing note. Your kind words about my books mean so much to me – especially as this was a challenging day for me. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying the series, and I really appreciate that you’re telling other people about it. I don’t get to hear from a ton of teens who have read my work, so to hear from you is extra special. I promise I’ll let you know as soon as possible when The Fire Sisters is ready. Please be sure to sign up for my newsletter, and you could get a free Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) when the time comes (hint, hint : )

  63. Let me start by saying, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You have single handedly given me a new favorite group of characters!!!! But also,you have given my kids a new reason to think I’m nuts. I read all of The Scourge in six hours. I was laughing and crying and yelling at my kindle so much, the kids probably think I’ve developed Tourettes. Bravo at your AMAZING writing skill!! Now I want a Peree for my very own… I’m in the process of finishing book 2, but I’m trying my very best to read slowly so I can snag the third book soon after I’m done. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

    1. You’re very welcome, Ashley : ) I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books so much. The characters are all close to my heart, too, even the ones you aren’t supposed to like. I’m enjoying exploring their relationships further as I write The Fire Sisters. I will keep everyone posted as I get closer to publication. Still a little too far out now, though, to set a publication date. Enjoy book 2 in the meantime, and thank you so much for stopping by to leave a comment. I truly appreciate it.

  64. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I AM LOVING THE BRILLIANT DARKNESS SERIES.SO FAR!!!! I can no longer wait to find out if Fenn and Peree finally get their happy ending!!! They’ve been through far too much already… WHEN IS THE THIRD BOOK COMING OUT!?

    1. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying them so much, Catherine! I wish I could tell you an exact date for The Fire Sisters, but I can’t : ( I’m working on it, though, and keeping my fingers crossed that you guys will like it. If you want to get an email notification when it releases, please sign up for my newsletter. The link is right here on my site on the right-hand side of the screen. Thanks for stopping by! Love your enthusiasm for Fenn and Peree and the gang.

  65. I totally LOVE this series and I can’t wait to read to following books. They are a constant source of inspiration for me, they paint a beautiful and strange world, for me they are lyrical. And I know that book 3 and 4 are going to be as awesome as first ones.

    I can’t wait to read more from your work. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you, Fiorela! I’m pleased to hear my books have that kind of meaning for you. Thanks for your encouragement – I hope books 3 and 4 will live up to your high hopes!

  66. When is book 4, The Fire Sisters coming!!!! I loves this series and I can’t wait for the next. Do you have any idea when the 4th book is coming?

    1. Hi Maddie – The Fire Sisters is coming, but I don’t have a firm release date yet. I have finished the bulk of the revisions and it will go to my editor soon. I will post here, on Facebook, Twitter, and of course my newsletter when I have a definite date. Thank you for reading, and for taking the time to stop my site.

  67. Great books! I noticed under books on this website that Fire Sisters is listed as coming out in late 2014. Since we are in December of 2014 now, I was wondering if there is an updated timeline for the release of this book.

    1. Steph – I clearly need to keep my website more up to date! I’m sorry for the lateness of my reply. I somehow didn’t get notification of your comment! The Fire Sisters IS coming. I don’t have a firm release date yet, but the bulk of revisions are finished and it is going to my editor in the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience! I’ll post here, on Facebook, Twitter, and my newsletter when I have a firm date. Cover reveal in early January, and a new Brilliant Darkness short story is on the way, too.

  68. I can’t wait until your new book comes out. I check your page everyday to see if you releases a date yet. I also check amazon to see if it is on there yet. I read all of your books in less than 2 days they are amazing and I can’t wait to see how Peree and Fennel’s story continues! You are an amazing writer!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Melinda! What a sweet comment. I am thrilled you love the books that much. The Fire Sisters is on its way, but I don’t have a definite release date yet. If you want to be sure you get notice, please consider signing up for my newsletter. I will send one out as soon as I have a release date! Thanks for your patience!

  69. Hi! I lllooooovvveeeee your series A Brilliant Darkness! I loved it so much I read it to my mom and explained the entire plot line so far to my brother during a 4 hour car ride. They both liked it too, although my brother may have said that just to shut me up. But regardless, I’m at a loss for words to describe my love for these books! They gave me that fluttery feeling in my stomach that makes me want to squeal, they kept me up at night because I couldn’t put them down, and that feeling is why I read books in the first place. So thank you for writing this incredible series and I’m extremely excited to read The Fire Sisters!

    1. Paige, I was so excited to read your note. It’s so humbling to know you feel so strongly about my books. To help readers FEEL is one of my primary goals, so to hear that was sensational. Please tell your Mom and brother thank you, from me, for being so patient. : ) I hope you enjoy The Fire Sisters!

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