Have Another Mint on Me

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Something very cool happened tonight. I was eating at Wahoo’s Fish Taco with my children, a few friends, and their children. (I had the shrimp bowl with brown rice and Cajun beans, in case you were wondering. It was tasty.) I’d just taken a rather uncooperative bite when I noticed a boy with a wide smile chock full of braces standing in front of me. He obviously didn’t want to interrupt.

I know him – he goes to my daughter’s school. I said hello after chewing, and hopefully swallowing, most of my bite of shrimp and rice. He asked if I wrote THE SCOURGE? I said I did. He said he read it and really liked it. I said thank you (I wanted to give him a big hug and a bigger THANK YOU, but grabbing other people’s children in restaurants is generally frowned upon). He called over a friend, who said she also read it. And they asked when Book 2 would be ready to read. I slid my laptop up out of my bag where it usually runs to hide after hours of me pounding on it. “It’s right here!” I said, “. . . but it’s not ready yet.” I’m not sure which of us looked more disappointed.

The children wandered away with more important things on their minds, like raiding the giant bowl of Starlight mints again. But they gave me a gift I’ll cherish. I’ve heard from many of my wonderful readers since I published THE SCOURGE, but not often in person. And because THE SCOURGE is only an e-book right now, and because most children and teens don’t have access to e-readers, not many of those readers have been under the age of 18. To hear, in person, from the young horse’s silver-shod mouth that my book was appreciated, was a special moment.

So, thanks, kiddos, for reading Book 1 and for anticipating Book 2. Have another mint on me.

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  1. i LOVE that!!!

    oh, and re: The Scourge 2 not being ready yet, starting to get the DTs…so any time would be great. 🙂

    Seriously – Good Luck and I truly can’t wait!!

  2. I often read YA books and pass along my favorites to my twin boys, Jackson & Kylar who are 10 years old (4th grade). This is important to me because not only do I love sharing a world with them that I dove into with my heart and soul, but also because not all YA’s are ‘age appropriate’ in their entirety (wink-wink)!

    I enjoyed The Scourge and added it to the boys ‘to read’ list. They both vie for the permission to use my not-so-ereader, ereader…eh-hem…my cell phone app with ebooks on it. They’re currently enjoying your work and I haven’t been responding to text messages very quickly due to them hogging my phone!

    I can relate to your point about there not being many children with ereaders just yet since we don’t own one (but we’re very avid readers)… I assure you, in regard to The Scourge–my kids are talking about it to classmates who do have them!

    After I read The Hunger Games and passed it along to Jackson he ended up with the “best reader” award at the end of the school year–he got almost the entire classroom to read it! The teacher called me just to tell me that all the kids were into it, because of him!

    And yes, Angelfall was on my list also. 🙂

    Best wishes, and most of all…. thank you. Enjoy the ride of success!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Rebecca. I love that you are sharing your love for reading with your boys, and proud that The Scourge was one you wanted to pass along to them. I’m glad you all enjoyed it! Thank the boys for me for telling their friends, too. Word of mouth is SO unbelievably important to authors, and I’m always thrilled when people tell me they’ve told a friend (or multiple friends) about my writing. I hope you enjoy Angelfall – I thought it was a bit twisted but in a good way. I recommended it in a blog post sometime last year – you can read my recco here.

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