Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Cloud_NineDecember was an exciting month! Book 1 of The Scourge series was featured as an Editor’s Choice on Amazon, and was part of a holiday promotion throughout the month. As a result, it reached #238 in the Kindle store’s paid rankings, and was in the top ten of several juvenile fiction bestseller categories. On top of that, loads of great bloggers reviewed the book as part of my book tour, and their response was overwhelmingly positive.

All of that means I’ve been bouncing around on cloud 9. Possibly cloud 10.

I’ve listed the bloggers that reviewed the book here as a thank you, and as one-stop shopping for anyone interested in reading their wonderful reviews (or following their blogs.) I starred a few that made my heart go pitter-patter, or that I thought were extra thoughtful and well written. I also included the bloggers that weren’t so crazy about the book. I learned from their critiques; maybe other writers out there can learn from my mistakes, too.

Finally, an extra large thank you to Kismet Book Touring, the company that organized the tour. If you’re looking to have a smooth, professional blog tour, definitely check them out.

Without further blathering, here are the blogs of note:


8 Replies to “Blog Tour Wrap-Up”

  1. I’m so glad I joined in on this tour! I absolutely died over every part in this! It was so hard to write the review without spoilers. I had to keep editing because I was just too darn excited!

    Can NOT wait for book two! 😀

    1. Thanks, Nova! And thanks for hosting a tour stop. I really enjoyed your review, and I’m so happy you’re looking forward to reading the sequel.

  2. What is this talk of bloggers who “weren’t so crazy about the book”?? I’m sorry but I don’t understand those words…

    1. I’m not sure why this old post from early January was sent out again to my subscribers in late April. I think WordPress has a ghost in the machine. But I appreciate your support, Terri!

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